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A new collection inspired by the unexpected colors and endless vistas of enchanting open space.
They offer an intimate glimpse into the intensity of the joy in my heart and soul.

The Rainbow Bison Collection

As an artist, I am always inspired by nature, and there are few things more awe-inspiring than the Bison that roam the northern Arizona ranges. I have developed a deep connection with these animals and their surroundings, and I strive to reflect that in each piece I create. My aim is to capture their strength and beauty in all its glory, creating art that will inspire and uplift the viewer.


A fusion of two worlds—
the seen and the unseen

An overriding theme of my work is sharing the joy that I feel from the vistas that I observe and from the painting process itself. This joyfulness also informs my palette, where I intentionally select bold and bright colors in balanced hues. As the colors sculpt the mountains, foreground, and sky, they meld into each other, and my painting surrenders itself to an emotional dreamscape. It becomes a fusion of two worlds—the seen and the unseen. I paint what’s not there and express the fullness of the joy that is in my heart.
Deborah Minarik standing in front of her artwork
Deborah Minarik

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Each collection explores ideas that are part of my everday life here in Arizona but one consistent element is

bold textural radiant color.