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Hi I am Debbie Minarik

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Original

I am an interior designer gone rogue! 

My favorite quote is by Katharine Hepburn

" If you obey all the Rules, you miss all the fun"

I am a rule breaker! 


I started painting in 2018 after moving to Arizona.  I have become my most creative self here and after an impromtu trip to Tucson (the town I was born in)

 I had a very strong desire to paint. You can say I had some sort of spiritual awakening. 

 I used to dream about being able to paint. 

 I would incessantly say

"I wish I could paint that." 

Well, now I do. 

 I am so blessed to be able to share my vision of the world with you. 

  My backyard has a full view of the ever changing desert.  Sunrises are my thing and pretty much everything else to do with Arizona.  

I am inspired everyday by the way the light enhances the brilliants colors of the desert. 

I paint landscapes, still lifes, and whatever else inspires me. 

My paintings will be colorful and full of texture and painted with love for the beauty that surrounds me.



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